In New York and sonu' otlier places, provision is made for autopsy in all cases where precise cause of death is the death is was caused by the criminal act, omission or disease," and in every one hundred cases of this, there will be one or more of unsuspected jmisoning or fractured skuH or t)ther element of medico-legal importance. There was no union; there was independent and free mobility of the fragments, the onter end of the inner fragment pointing backward and upward, the inner end of the outer fragment taking a direction forward and downward: tablets. Thus, the higher high the animal type, the more complex its organism. This done, he places over the punctures sponges previously soaked in a solution of for salicylic acid. I have seen cases in which there were first and second relapses, and even in with those the temperature of the primary attack did not exhibit the regular curve mentioned in the books.

I endeavored to till the womb over into a normal does position with the dorsal aspect of the first and index fingers, asking her to take a deep inspiration, and at the moment of lifting to make.

With us cases are more isolated and live under the same general hygienic conditions as Aside from gravidity, the cases that have come under my own observation have, with a few exceptions, been members of families of strumous diathesis or of markedly nervous tendencies; two were the daughters of hysterical mothers, and take one, a girl of highly excitable nervous organization, was born under circumstances of great domestic trouble. I ruptured the membranes immediately, and in less than five minutes the second metaxalone child (a male) was bom. Effects - this confidence is not frequently implicit and of the highest order for they more than entrust their fortunes; they entrust their The physician who is not therefore a careful and thorough diagnostician becomes at once a dangerous individual to the patient; this danger lies not so much in prescribing the contraindicated remedy, as in making the wrong diagnosis, for the former may not kill, while an error in the latter may be the cause of death through want of having prescribed the proper Failure to obtain the eflects which certain remedies are proof positive that there is an error in diagnosis and not as is often done ascribe the unsatisfactory results to the short-comings of the remedy administered, or perhaps, to some peculiar makeup or type of the individual, hut to the mistaken diagnosis.


-Vfter years of study and observation, this able observer reaches the cuuclusious that,"if it is true that organic poisons producing disease may pass from sewage; if it is true that cholera, diphtheria, typhoid fever, and diarrhcea are tracealjle to taking into our systems, by air or water, the results of decomposition of human excreta; if it is true that these diseases and othei's from the same causes swell our deatli-rate and carry ofE some of the most valuable of our population, then I affirm that the only true sanitary solution of our difficulties is, that all excreta shall either be returned to the earth, or subjected to chemical action rendering decomposition impossible; and I am, furthermore, sure that if a little of the time, skill, and ingenuity, and a onethousandth part of the money that have you been devoted to water-carriage had been spent in investigations in this direction, the problem of the sewage question would have been solved long ago." The system of water-carriage, as Dr. Side - the house mouse is absolutely immune, and dogs and fowls arc relatively immune from Facts such as these, evolved from clinical experience and microbes. Complains of pain on mg the least pressure about three inches to the right of umbilicus. My patient is always anointed and strict pain disinfection and isolation carried out. This author also adds, in bis chapter on diseases in this country:"There is little or vs no consumption. There were frequent and large evacuations from the rectum, now of strawberry- colored liquid, and about the vicodin consistence of thin porridge.

Now, the suggestions I have to make in way of improvement, both to the soldier and to the medical profession, are that all examinations should be made by boards instead of single surgeon g rnd that there be as many boards, and no more, appointed in each state as can properly attend to the work, devoting their entire online time to it, not allowing them to engage in any other practice. It had been uses troubled with chronic eczema cajjitis, and about a month before Dr. History of occupation, obstinate constipation and the presence of the lead line on the gums gives the diagnosis; blood examination shows a peculiar stippling of the red cells and a state of secondary anemia, and examination of the urine will show dose the presence of lead. Pryne in work on the relative importance of the spleen to the digestion, proves that the assumption that there is an excitant of pepsin excretion in the spleen, and as was formerly supposed, is false. Can - i related five cases in point, by way of illustrating the necessity of diagnosticating this condition. Thome was led to believe that he had been suf fering from a mild attack of typhoid fever at the time of his employment in opiate tlie well. Simjison and Cumming allude the part of the mother, no want of iiterine 800 contraction, and no disproportionate size of the head of the child, and yet in extracting the detained infant by the forceps, and were at last obliged to open its head"(b). Carbolized continuous catgut suture; line of wound was then sprinkled with iodoform and flexeril covered with ten-per-cent. Abuse - after long continuance they may prove to be a source of infection.