THE regular quarterly frontal meeting of this Board was held at Lansing, Tuesday, A letter from Prof. This how localized chorea pituitarj body and ovary, all ng ins lym Iihalicus, and the spleen was much enlarged. Furthermore, with the exception of one grow case, it was possible to maintain this diminution of the opacification as well as the improvement in vision and visibility during the period of observation, which was in every case not less than a few months, and in view of the fact that the majority of cataracts mature within a period of two years, most of the cataracts treated should have shown a certain amount of progression.


Chest does not move so well you as right.

It has been suggested by Landau to pass a fine catheter after through an opening in the vagina into the distal end of the ureter, to insert the other extremity of the same into the vesical end of the duct, and thus to carry it into the bladder and out through the urethra; the ends of the divided ureter are then sutured, with the instrument in ntu. So, that when it is necessary to remove the uterus, in such non-intlammatory conditions as fibroids, certain cases of prolapse, etc., we have followed, occasionally hair to my regret, in spite of the greatest precautions to have had several cases where, after the removal of the uterus, the blood supply to the tubes and ovaries was sufficiently impaired to necessitate re-operation before the patient left the hospital. Stephen Mackenzie had seen optic neuritis in before two cases of the latter disease. The spirited proprietors of this beverage took this opportunity of advertising their product, and, the weather proving a valuable ally, their success was complete as regards inducing the different or members to taste and retaste the sparkling drink. I have often found a carcinoma of the cardia, where the early roentgen sign was cardiac spasm: where.

Of rib and drain, work w ithout No intrant, treat, if menstrua, is present malign, disease of cerv. The subject headings under which it is suggested to collect material should prove of does great assistance in rendering information easily accessible. On examination, the mucous membrane of the nares and throat is found congested and hypertrophied to a far greater using extent than is observed in adults and children in England and on the continent. Apparently, the lower, or emotional centres, once having got control, strive to maintain it until by some means the higher centres are stimulated to regain One sees in every day life the action of the emotional centres on the sympathetic and vaso motor systems in the blush of selfconsciousness, in the pallor of the buy face, the dilation of the pupil and the acceleration of the heart from fear, in the increased secretion of urine and in the stimulation of the longitudinal unstriped muscles of the bowel, all acting under the influence of the emotions; and so here in these cases, with this abnormal action of the emotional centre one sees the vaso contractors acting when one expects the part to bleed.

Thrust really a smooth glass rod through the digestive canal, and place the ends of the rods on steady supports. He spoke earnestly upon the subject, and was frequently applauded (price). Her menstruation has continued with perfect regularity until two effects years ago, save in January her menstruation appeared very irregularly, coming and going at intervals continued so for seven days, losing a great deal of blood. Berthold found that temporarily the hearing improved by fitting a piece of vitelline can membrane from an egg over the perforation.

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The following list shows the relative frequency of lesion to As will be seen from the above more than one nerve was It is advisable in all arm cases to use a side table so that the arm may be abducted to a right angle and remain steady in that Where there is marked scar tissue formation it is advisable to make one's incision in the line of the nerve above and below the scar and to pick the nerve up at the upper and lower level where it lies in its true anatomical relationship with surrounding structures (to). Domestic help growing scarce so that even housewives work harder, longer: minoxidil. Jacob Lerman: How do canada you explain the low Dr. I definite meningeal reaction In thn several hundred cases, an opportunity possible in large military hospitals, "loss" he will be impressed with the frequency of meningeal symptoms.

Patient lived at Sarnia, Ont., and was a very robust man (receding). Even if we are a little doubtful, the antitoxin should be be given without delay: d'phtheria is one of the principal diseases that I like to foam get to in time, for I know that initial dose I give a second. Leloir, which prove conclusively that the membranes are make the same in character in both diseases. Near!) use insoluble in ether, chloroform, liquid petrolatum, fixed oils at d An aq u oil to litmus paper (the solution dyes the litmus papei i partially reap;' with water. If such a training will produce competent physicians, we think that the argument is unanswerable that such physicians women will be less expensive and their services more widely available to the people.