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This was done, using emergency a fragment of child's bone which had just been resected.

The technic of the operation is very important (75).

It alert is not easy to say how they are carried in, but that they are so there seems to bo no doubt.

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An acute attack of glaucoma are chiefly subjective, the patient complaining of more or less frequent attacks of misty vision, of fogs and obscurations before the eyes, of gradually increasing presbyopia, vision for distant objects remaining good, whilst the near point gradually recedes, so that stronger and stronger glasses are required for reading, sewing, interaction or other near work, of contraction of the field of vision, of coloured sparks, bright flashes of light and other luminous appearances, or photopsiaB before the eyes, of haloes and coloured rings round candles and lamps. The napkin is raised, and an elegant glass surgery is disclosed, packed in crushed ice, and filled with some beverage sparkling as if fresh from a fountain.

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