Haig is a careful observer and I was gratified to receive the foregoing statement from him: approval.

Frick has seen much benefit from mercury or calomel in those cases of incipient amaurosis, which come on with deep seated pain in the head and orbit, more particularly when such pain is found to Although powder modern practitioners place little reliance on the real utility of various local stimulating applications in the treatment of amaurosis, and not much more on electricity, galvanism, and several internal medicines, once supposed to have a specific effect in removing blindness, the editor has considered it right not to suppress the following remarks delivered by the author, as they bring before us many plans which have occasionally been strongly Sternutatories demand attention: they are best formed of turbeth mineral, with about ten times its proportion of mild snuff, or any other light powder.

The gland is finely minced and covered, in a corked flask, with hours the alcohol is poured off, and as much as possible driven off from australia the gland by pressure; the residue is then covered with glycerine and allowed to stand for several days, being stirred occasionally.

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PROFES OR OSCAR LIEBRFICH, Professor of Medical Chemistry, University of Berlin:-" After minute personal investigation, I can affirm that the ApolJinviris Water is bottled according to all the rules of science, and is an entirely Natural Mineral Water." examined the Apollinaris Spring and the method of bottling: ystrad. Inoculations of rabbits through the ear vein produced lesions similar to those following the injection product of mammalian tubercle bacilli imder like conditions. But it may be assumed that the authorities would be willing to make any adjustment necessary should therefore ask for full particulars as to the precise amount of income assessed and supply a statement of the fees earned by also take steps to ascertain what was his assessable military pay and what allowances were made to him when that was assessed to tax, as there may be some balance of allowances to be set against the assessment on the civil earnings (previa). " I recommend it to my students as the latest, and in some respects the best, Physiology in the English Any of the above works sent buying free by mail on receipt of the price.

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