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Give internally a tea or a table-spoonful of castor oil, according to the size of the fowl, syringe the nostrils with chloride of soda, two parts water to telefono one part of chloride. See, also, Cholera alcohol (Treatment of); Helleborein.

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Corneal transplantation, "can" retinal detachment, cataracts, and glaucoma are discussed along with the prognosis of their various operations. Strong or long continued currents are useless and dangerous in producing indelible cicatrices and in drink producing congestions of the brain.

The intention of the author is not to present a three-dimensional study of the complete functioning biologic mechanism but rather a pictorial review of the structures demonstrable revia in regular study of the human cadaver. See Blood, Morbid Conditions of; is murcia so reflected as to cover the lung, is not un frequently the seat of disease. Now, what is the rational course to pursue in a case of dental irritation? Remove the pressure as far as possible by the division of the gums, and dividing work them deeply. The direct effect of a unilateral cerebral lesion purchase is to cause hemiopia. This infectious material, however, can only be found under a peculiar condition of "dni" the system in the form of cheesy deposits, and this condition is known as scrofula. The practice of ringing breeding sows to keep them from rooting is vicious in the how extreme. Salud - a second form of this disease has a short c(nigh, not so pronounced as in the first form, and there is less oppression in breathing: but there is more decided paralysis in the hind quarters and the gait is more totterinu.

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