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No Car

Invest in a bus pass or a train and bus pass (if you have to catch the train) and ask about the student discounts. Pretty much all bus and train companies the length and breadths of the country have some sort of termly offer for students.

If you don't have to get back in a hurry then why not get the coach home. Look at to see if they have a route to home for you.

Try and book well in advance to get a better rate on your journey, although it can be hard to predict a change in plans but there are times you will most likely be going home or coming back, like the start and end of term.


Share with friends and if you're too embarrassed to ask for petrol money then just take it in turns to go in and pay.

If you're living away from home then look for someone at your university or college who may live in your home town who can rideshare.

Ask your local petrol station whether they do a points card, if they so make sure you use it every time you fill up. Although it's not much you're getting something for nothing and eventually when a voucher does come along then it will be worth it.

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Top Money Saving Tips!

Got loads of washing to do? Take it home to mum!
Always ask for your student discount at the till, you'll be surprised at how many shops love us students.
If you print off work which comes out wrong, recycle the paper by using the back for scrap notes.
Get a points card with Shell and Morrison's Petrol Stations. Every little counts.
If you travel to uni with your mates and feel bad taking petrol cash off them, just take it in turns to fill up!
Drive at lower revs to squeeze out every last mile of fuel!


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