Getting the Food Shopping Done

Food shopping for students generally covers frozen microwave and oven foods. This does make sense as it is convenient, easy to cook, has less chance of going off and is cheap and cheerful.

Ordering from takeaways although convenient, and we all do it, is pricey and unhealthy. It's nice to order in but cooking at home is a healthier, cheaper and can be a fun option. A lot of simple food is overlooked like Rice, Cous cous, Pasta and even Jacket Potatoes. Look up some recipes online and give them a go yourself.

Look for deals in supermarkets. Generally the best deals are at the ends of aisles. Look for 2 for 1 offers or reduced items.

Sharing is caring, so why not car-share on the supermarket run and if you spot things on offer that your friends like as well, like buy one get one free biscuits, then why not chip in and have a pack of biscuits each. Sharing the petrol costs is also a good way of saving a bit of money, check out our transport & travelling costs section for more advice on this.

Buying general food once a month is better as it saves on the petrol costs by only making one trip and saves the one thing money can't buy, time.

Use the online comparison site we always see on TV,, to find the cheapest place to buy your food. If you don't have a car or don't have time to visit the supermarket then why not order online and have it delivered straight to your door at a prearranged time convenient to you.

Check our freebies & offers section for vouchers and deals.

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