Monthly Spending

Those boring things we wish we didn't have to spend on, but the unfortunate fact of life is we do. Whether it's setting aside money for travel costs, doing the food shopping or even getting those glad rags life wouldn't be life without them and the last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning to find out you're out of breakfast food.

We should point out this section is aimed mainly at those living in student digs but things like travel costs affects us all.

Getting Around

Keep those costs of travelling from home to uni as low as possible.

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Getting the Food Shopping Done

Food shopping can be boring and tedious but it needs to be done. Follow our simple tips to make sure it's as simple as possible!

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Latest Freebies & Offers

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Top Money Saving Tips!

If you print off work which comes out wrong, recycle the paper by using the back for scrap notes.
Drive at lower revs to squeeze out every last mile of fuel!
Got loads of washing to do? Take it home to mum!
If you travel to uni with your mates and feel bad taking petrol cash off them, just take it in turns to fill up!
Always ask for your student discount at the till, you'll be surprised at how many shops love us students.
Get a points card with Shell and Morrison's Petrol Stations. Every little counts.


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