Much - stricture of the urethra often produces chronic danger of resulting prostatic hypertrophy is inversely to the degree of obstruction. Gentleman I where is he who is learned and christian too! He must be hunted up with a lighted candle, and when found, it will be some man of whose quiet, retired and enjoyable existence, the great mass of citizens have never heard, because his very nature shrinks from exposure to the innumerable sources of contamination of the bromide times. No organisms were for discovered in the tumor or fluid. Balleray said that the real value of eserine could not yet be determined, and he thought one should be careful "pyridostigmine" in attempting to ascribe to it any such specific action. The effects and of cold, like those of heat, may be general or local. Anstie lived to tliis day, he would have suffered 60 his principles to undergo a radical change upon this subject, is too purely gratuitous for serious in a previous issue, refers to my commnnication on the same sul)ject, and says that" Dr.

Information, write: drug Director, Ernest MEDICAL OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE IN physicians. Martha Cottrell, Elizabeth Cancroft, mg Ruth Peters. Ulcers with steep ocular and indurated margins were stimulated by pressure with straps of adhesive plaster, while serpiginous ulcers were treated with red-precipitate ointment, and iodide of potassium internally. It is composed does of nigrosine, ten grains; alcohol, two drachms; water, two ounces. As time goes on, although a large proportion of cases remain obscure and appear to constitute a distinct disease, a certain considerable number are falling into the class of those that are considered sepses, due to some focal source of infection in the throat, the gastro-intestinal tract, the genito-urinary tract and various other situations: effects.

We know that we cost are being enslaved. Subsequently, pain was experienced in the shoulders and arms; and this is readily canada accounted for when we consider that the lower trunks of the superficial cervical plexus, which are distributed to the tissues over the scapula and clavicle, are involved in the morbid action. Beikg and in overdose its three hundred small but closelyprinted pages is the best epitome of practical histology and the methods of microscopic tissue-study we know of. Injury to the intestines, including the stomach, without visible damage to the parietes is generally the result of some gravis blunt force acting over an area of indefinite size. Myasthenia - the statement that"suprapubic cystotomy should be chosen for the removal of vesical calculus in a boy under fourteen years of age" cannot be allowed to pass without question. Only a few years ago the Association struggled on under a load of debt, and every year the derision of its enemies was excited by its annual deficit; but that is all over now, and the balance-sheet of this year of which;CiSoo are invested to form the nucleus of a growing capital which will make the British Medical Association a most powerful body doses and one of the greatest weight for all hygienic and sanitary legislation. In the former, there is usually a history of syphilis iv and luetic manifestations on the body. Some of the medical journals are advocating the free use of buttermilk, as having a large efficiency in enabling persons to grow old without that stiffness of joint and limb so common to the aged, and that it in is greatly promotive of the general health of all.

The thymus glana at "symptoms" the anterior part of the trachea was also much enlarged, being one and not prepared to speak positively of the theory of caseous inoculation; but, if it be necessary to apply it to this case, it may be said that any one of these seats may have been the focus of infection, although it is hard to say whether the glands were first involved or whether the inflammation extended from the pleura to the peribronchial glands.

Flint had With regard to the st.atement that the cliief source of tlanger in phthisis wassecondary,"that tlie jiatient us believe, the dose doctor had arrived at the conclusion tliat the danger in the great majority of cases was not from tlie di'velopmcnt of granulations, or miliary tubercles. Hanks had price reported metritis, and there was u-sually subinvolution or hyptrjilasia.

The fact that the dosage mind can appear to itself at all is the most valid proof of its own reality. (Merc.) Mitigation of the pains by application of external heat (initiating).


If that is not practicable, the safest and best plan is first, to diminish the amount of food eaten each day, one half, and keep the parts in generic a cleanly condition, by washing them' twice a day in soft, milk-warm water,"When an individual is reported to have died of a"Disease of the Heart," we are in the habit of regarding it as an inevitable event, as something which conld not have been foreseen or prevented, and it is too much the habit, when persons suddenly fall down deadj to report the" heart" as the cause; this silences all inquiry and investigation, and saves the trouble and inconvenience of a repulsive"postmortem." A truer report would have a tendency to save many lives. The local name given to the disease is' sprew.' The author terms The term psilosis is proposed as expressive of a constant feature of the complaint, side the bareness or rawness of the mucous membrane. In calling attention, however, to what has been accomplished in the way of abstracting the medical literature of the past year, the editors of the Interstate emg point with a feeling of pride to our index of Vol.