Getting The Right Pay

What pay to expect.

When you first begin your job, your employer will tell you exactly how much you will be paid at an hourly rate however, for all commission based jobs your employer should explain exactly how much you will earn for every sale you make so they should also give you examples of how much an average and top seller is currently earning.

The National Minimum wage.

It's important for you to know exactly how much by law you should be earning every hour you work. The national minimum wage you receive is based on your age. Take a look at the table below to work out how much you should be earning per hour.

Your age group

National minimum wage





21 and over


Payment method.

Your employer will also explain the method in which you will receive your hard earned money so for example you might get paid at the end of every week, every fortnight or every month. They will also tell you the method they will use to pay you, so they may pay you cash, give you a cheque or pay your wage straight into your bank account.

Part time hours
Full time workers are expected to work 35 hours or more each week, anyone working less than these hours are usually classed as part time.

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