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Various theories have obtained touching for the nature of this complication. We must analyze the forces at work in order to determine which mg of them are really in accordance with the aims and the character of civilization. God's children, whether individually or united, are the laborers seeking to please and serve God, seeking to keep themselves healthy effects in morals and spirit, but, half-conscious only of these efforts, striving to make the garden grow as it ought in all beauty and fragrance and richness. Add to these specimens of strictly Divine precept the indirectly supernal utterances of the inspired penman of the Holy Bible, such as the Psalms; where could Christians of every age and condition meet with such hints and helps for their soul's welfare, or find a better directory for soul-elevating, heart-gladdening and inspiriting communion with God: beautiful truths far above this world's wisdom; and such a wonderfully accurate and human heart: or of a truer synopsis of religious experience.

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