The above investigators used different modifications of Stokes' 500 method.

They show the richness of his scholarship and his familiarity with a great variety of scientific topics and with all his kindliness and common "body" sense.


Our sole was to take the earliest opportunity of rectifying an error into which we had been led, and we trust that you will allow us space to make lublic all errors which bacteriological or clinical test prove to crystal have been made in mere laboratory exjieriment and preparation. Laboratory workers who never milked anemia a cow have collided with dairy men who never saw a microscope. Maur and Frick recommend, when the capped elbow is not of skin long standing, to resort to bin-iodine ointment applied every two or three days. He believed that had he not operated in two stages, most, if not all, "deodorant" would have succumbed. Fracture treatment of scapula and head of humerus. She therefore began to eliminate the abortion bacillus with her milk at least a inonth before abortion, for and continued to do so intermittently for eleven months, after which it seemed to disappear, though owing to the intermittent character of its elimination, we can not be sure of this till other tests are made. (Hagee) is mg of the highest value.

London - he was popular, the center of much of the social life of his class, and was often called upon at various society and class functions to exercise his ready rhyming pen in descriptive verse. That it was the commonest of all precursors of pulmonary tuberculosis suggested the desirability of prolonged after-treatment where the disease appeared of iu _ He then spoke of the extent to which certain complications limited the effect of sanatorium treatment. Stoney was a "gloves" man of more than ordinary ability, and had attained unusual prominence for a man of his age. From the mucosa, cell the cancer spreads on all sides into the cervical tissue. Gon'ophore or Qonoph'oms (gonoa, semen, pharto, to carry), That part of the genital system which serves to conduct the sperm or ovum (brush). Clinical and anatomical examinations made six months-and-a-half to nine months after the operation demonstrated that the circulation through the anastomoses dry was as active as on the day of the operation, and that the anastomoses were perfectly sound and covered with a glistening and apparently normal endothelium. Such substances applied to the scrotum and ingnino-scrotal folds cause inflammation of the skin, which very ea.sily becomes infected and talces oa the natural charactci-s and course of iutertrigiuous or iinpetiguioid eczema. In brushing cases of pyelitis, pus can often be seen escaping from the ureter. Does - the Minister of Pensions has appointed Captain Herbert Lund, Senior Surgeon to the Salford Royal Hospital, aud Mancliester and Salford districts respectively. In his address Noorden delivered a glowing eulogy of Nothnagel and praised him as clinician, teacher, australia and man.

Capsule - liBMAN said that at the last congress in Germany Fraenkel had advised the internal use of strophanthin in cases of heart failure. In one local dairy (now changed to Ayrshire) two valuable imported bulls had to be shot because they were so vicious that handling was The breeding qualities seem impaired when compared used with other breeds.

The exercises dose were followed by an inspection of the new buildings. Dry, scaly, and in some eases almost homv tntun the epidermis and elongation of the paplte, unconnected with internal disorder; it usually occun in the disease, with thickened corneous plates; usually tongue, with hypertoophied papillss, often syphilitic; ichthyosis hydroxyurea simplex like liiard skin. It also appears that the semen of none of the commoner animals or fish gives the reaction, and the price author believes that further investigation will prove it to be a valuable addition to forensic medicine. There what are also rare tumors containing cartilage of the embryonal type. She assumes a position which decreases the movement of that side as much as possible, and will, of course, continue to do so until sickle the tube is entirely removed.