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Certified milk is milk produced under the supervision of local medical societies but it b not obtainable recepty outside of the larger cities. As prix physicians shall we not also deal with that which is a cause of mental and moral disease in the community? Wherein and in what manner does our duty in the matter of the epidemic cholera bacillus or the yellow fever microbe differ from our duty toward the endemic poison of a debased and prurient literature? Shall we be sanitarians of the body, but not of the mind and the soul? It would be but a low and unsatisfying view to take of medicine. Several cases of ulceration of salve the legs have come under my observation, in which the bandage with a constitutional treatment has succeeded in a short time. The readers of that ma journal are also to be congratulated. The more prominent ones are: Cholecystotomy, or the incision of the gall bladder and the evacuation of its contents: ohne.