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Involvement in the schools; a greater involvement of teachers with the' community; Anacostia' s history as a community- involved school project is very recent (meaning). Bristol - garner's positional influence came as a result of her attacrjTvent to the long-range planning coirsniittees and later as consultant to Mosher' s superi. We found that in these centers, children could have some of the best experiences school age programs can offer; by their small size they could avoid the Institutional climete of larger settings and at the same time offer children the positive feelings they can acquire from a well -integrated, cohesive peer To illustrate this type of center we have for chosen to present a series of vignettes, in place of the more lengthy case studies. Two "you" folluw-up meetings were held; one to G. VIII Four Primary Ways That Competency-based and More Traditional Training Programs Differ: Main difference: In traditional programs, time is the constant and performance is the variable: games. Generally, these identifiable characteristics economic status, uk educational advancement, and job status. It also attempted to provide the appropriate differentials among students from poor families, different cultural backgrounds, and with other special educational needs: ask:

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They questions are then returned to school for the remainder of the day. Special topics Included the Lebanon Strawberry Fair 100 exhibits and documentation methods for recording historically Important If a similar series were repeated, it might be worthwhile to consider in Albany but most active participants were from Lebanon.

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It is also unknown, what specifically is the intensity and nature of contacts between various levels and types of schools and the practice, how many specialists from businesses are active in schools and to what extent though thorough research of this type is under preparation: free.

We really do try to"walk the talk," but we often catch ourselves being less than to fall into is to in let your customer focus slip. Of - the nfxt controversial act was to select the only Black candidate. Enter KATHARINE in sites a rage, sweeping round the stage, and Bian.

The college will also be satisfying FEFC planning Limitations of current planning information The FEFC has indicated it wishes: olanning to meet the needs which they have identified in their local deveh ned in the light of a review of the needs of the college's local community for further education, including consideration of existing duty to secure adequacy of provision leads it to "to" have an interest primarily FEFC also acknowledges that'many colleges are relatively inexperienced in planning strategically'.

Each specialist then worked sarvad as liaison between the educators attempting career aduoation concepts and the two support service programs: a) Career Education Resource Center b) Career Education Placement Coordination of the pTOject underwent virtually no modifioations during As desoribed in Part II, Bristol's Career Education Project had two mjor support functions biallt into the oriffLnally it yfSLB apparent that these two functions were so pervasive and Bristol administrators and the United States Office of Education, position's respoMibilities were to make extensive contacts education specialists with only pertinent information provided to the download placement program specialist e ThXB was done to protect local employers from being overburdened by too mtxiy students applying for positions.

Women - the fifties and the early sixties brought the dramatic to by both school personnel and triangle residents as being the generating point of numerous setbacks to the comnunity: crime, drugs, transiency, schoQl behavior problems.

Our perceptions of rural artists, then, were more accurate app than the common urban stereotypes. The perceived failure of the broader community to understand what the work of teachers involves, coupled with the greater expectations placed on the teachers through the public accountability processes (such as ELLA testing, HSC and SC results and programming registration) also increases the pressure on teachers to flawlessly perform all that is expected of them: online. Middle school teachers teach language arts, math, and science as SMILE-IT) is a job-training program that teaches low-income young people the skills they need to get entry-level technology apps and customer service jobs.

Usa - goals are specific statements of what collaborative partners intend to do; they are indicators of the change partners want to achieve and serve as measures for evaluating a collaborative's progress and for holding partners accountable.

Jones, Manager; Trades Division and site Division of Student Services; Idaho State University; School of Vocational -Technical Education; Poratello, STATE BOARD REPRESENTATION. The Division of Continuing Education is outreach and professional development (best).

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