How - thus, some years ago the official doctrine was that typhoid fever did not exist in India; its name was tabooed and its appearance in"returns" was treated as a breach of discipline. Some, starting in life the subjects of active syphilis, quickly waste and die (6140-01-127-6253).

Examination external revealed hemorrhages into the vitreous in both eyes, and in the ltfc eye there was hemorrhage into the anterior chamber. Ostrich-like, shall ive stick our The light that has been thrown on the subject Medical Congress it was suggested by the first speak- jfrom numerous experiments, and "test" the results follower on that subject"that no operation should be per- ing the treatment of cases influenced thereby, puts formed until such time as faecal matter appeared at us in a position where we cannot escape the responthe external wound.

I am unable to understand how a pure paralysis due to a hole in the brain and is going to be improved by making the hole bigger. Rechargeable - it seemed therefore as if what has hitherto been an"open door" would be slammed in the face of the British physician in search of an Italian market. J., recruit for the Tenth cavalry, reported at the hp thereafter. The candidate for a degree was required to have attended two full courses of lectures and to have spent one year with a years of study of nine months each became necessary before of a candidate could present years of nine months each. Yet the anaesthetic, chloroform particularly, undergoes no chemical change during its All of charger the etlects of anaesthetics may be accounted for if they simply cut off from the nerve centres the necessary supply of oxygen, and these effects should vary with the nature of the agent which temporarily replaces the oxygen.

Putrescine, C,H la N s (bimethyl of ethylene diamine), is not found in perceptible quantity before the eleventh day of repair putrefaction. Still, an battery occasional case will be found in which it will be absolutely necessary to resort to artificial feeding. He does not observe that the headache is any better when he is out of doors: vs.


The clinical symptoms were intense pains, especially during and after defecation, which in easy cases in continued only for a short time after defecation, but in severe ones persisted for hours and even for days with the greatest intensity. The sponges, for days, had been soaked in carbolized water; carbolic acid was freely used in the water in which the sponges were cleansed; the instruments were kept in a five per cent, solution, and the sprays bicycle had been directed well upon the wound. Of Philadelphia, and ni-cad Miss Sarah Menager, of Paris, Dorret M. The surest way of relieving what overfilling of the right heart is venesection. We use "is" it constantly during the entire course unless glaucoma, which is a very unusual occurrence, supervenes. In a Turkish bath, with the aid of interactions a watch-glass, this can readily be obtained. When the patient presented himself at the Hospital the for elbow was fixed at an angle nearly the entire condyle had been displaced, interlering with motion. They vary from minute red or blue spots, scarcely more than petechiae, to large or ion small angiomata or telangiectases. As a result there developed three vesicles, one on the upper lid and two on the lower, just where their edges came together in mah closing the eyes. This is a muscular apparatus that can be corrosion made to contract by an electric irritation. Extra copies, in pamphlet form with to cover, will be furnished to authors in lieu of compensation, jyrovided the request for them, he made at the time the communication is sent to the Editor. A patient in this state requires a place of refuge, but his disease being beyond the reach of medical skill, it is quite evident that he should be removed from asylums instituted for the cure of insanity, in order to make room for others whose cases have not yet become hopeless (conditioner). Wagner"" claims that there batteries is a fall in the blood-pressure during sleep. The objection to manufactuer this still held, that although easier to clean than any previous forms, it was still difficult, and impossible to assure oneself. As was naturally to be expected, the largest proportion of cases occurred during the summer months and the smallest number in the winter months: nsn.