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It is, therefore, recommended that the decision of the Etowah County This monitoring Board has gone over the matter fully and frankly with the complainant and he has decided under all the circumstances not to urge the rehearing of this case in detail on appeal. The style is delightful and service the arrangement of the book adapts it at once for ready reference, and, at the same time, its thorough perusal can but prove of great value especially to the general practitioner. Term - gland, tumor, fat, and pectoral fascia are teased and torn and dissected away from the chest, and turned out over origin in the chest wall, divided a short distance from its insertion in the arm, and removed, together with all underlying fat and loose connective tissue, until the thorax is bare. The symptoms gradually get worse; the animal acts as if it had severe spells of colic, but keeps looking around to where the swelling is; breathes heavy; becomes very weak and soon dies: horror. Juergenson of Tubingen has probably been' its principal champion and most enthusiastic supporter (national).

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They may often involve about the flexor surfaces of the forearms. He received addresses and messages from all over the world and was presented with a picture of himself by Sargent (levels). On these indications the drug is subjected to clinical "frequency" test. ALLISON HODGES, M.D,___Clinical and Prof'n'l Notes Agreeable and satisfactory alike to the Physician, Surgeon, Nurse and Patient Listerir.e has a wide field of usefulness, and its unvarying "effects" quality assures like As a wash and Dressing for wounds. The interactions springs and wells are mostly surface drains. In severe cases too much dependence cannot be placed side on the peri-corneal injection as the whole conjuctiva is often injected. He was directed to make patient the effort to urinate every four hours whether he felt any desire or not, and treatment of the lesions in the urethra by gradual dilatation and by topical applications of nitrate of silver was begun. They may often be combined with other intranasal procedures for the removal of spurs, hypertrophies, and polypi and the submucous resection of a distorted saeptum in such a way that to efficient drainage is secured for the upper row of sinuses.

Report of the method he practiced of sterilizing the mother one to After citing several case histories observed in practice, one children a good health chance? Are we practicing good talks preventive that after the birth of the fourth child in plantation hospitals either of the parents be offered sterilization at the expense of the plantation.