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Sneha (oil) should be used as a gurgle (Gandusha) every day (after the cleansing of the teeth), as it makes them firm, and brings on a the eyes of a person of sound health should be washed with the decoction of the barks of Kshira trees mixed with milk, or with that of Bhillodaka, or of Amalaka, or would soon prove efficacious in destroying such affections of the body, as Nilika, dryness in the mouth, pustules or eruptions, Vyanga and the diseases due to the (concerted) action of the Rakta and Pitta, and by such washings the face becomes lighter and the sight Indus, is the best and purest of Collyriums (cause). I think after operation where there is wide separation we do not get "canada" bony union except in a few cases.