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For example, that"alcohol is undoubtedly the best antidote thrush for all cases of carbolic acid poisoning, and, indeed, is an Powell's work, says:"In cases of carbolic acid poisoning, if immediately after the administration of the poison, alcohol was thrown into the stomach the poisonous effects of the carbolic acid would at once be neutralized." Pinkney,' after reporting a fatal case, says:"The amount of carbolic acid left in the stomacii and intestines when alcohol came in contact with it was rendered harmless, and the general action of the already absorbed poison was checked immediately." Finally, Gross,' in discussing the subject, refers to alcohol as a chemical antidote, and says that the reaction forms"a new phenol benzine or aromatic compound having the chemical and therapeutic properties Two years ago one of us, having been favorably impressed by some of these reports and by good results obtained by the use of alcohol by himself, and other members of the staff of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, in cases of carbolic acid poisoning, introduced the use of alcohol in the emergency room of the Lakeside Hospital. Take - gottheil recommends the salicylate of mercury as the best preparation in the treatment of.syphilis hypodermically. Including Diseases of can the Thoracic and Abdominal Organs. In this sense, cough has been aptly termed the"watch muscles of the chest wall together with bronchiolar peristalsis brings foreign material to the bronchioles so that it can be swept upward and outward by ciliary action through the trachea and larynx: doses.

The cost degree of chemotaxis possessed by any substance may readily be determined by placing it in a capillary tube closed at one end and then inserting the open end of the tube into the tissue of an animal or into a fluid containing active phagocytes.