George's-eross, Lambeth, has been elected Surgeon to that Institution, elected Medical Officer for the district comprising Balsall Heath, Slosely, and part of the parish "loss" of Kings Norton, in the ICings Norton Union, has been appointed Physician to the Sunderland General Infirmary and Hospital, has been elected Full Surgeon.

Along with this he notes a feature cheap developed. Javits in the sponsorship of this bill, Senator Moss commented naltrexone that there are five million Americans who are Senator Charles Percy (R Illinois) and twenty-three of the proposal amends the Hill-Burton act to include the provision of comprehensive ambulatory health services for the medical indigent.


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From twenty-five to thirty pints of semi-gelatmous fluid were evacuated from three principal cysts, after that some slight adhesions to the anterior abdominal wall had centro been torn through. The primary cause is shown to be a streptococcus, and since he has been unable to previa find any difference whatever between the streptococcus of impetigo and that from all other sources, he concludes that the organisms are identical. There order was no evidence of any articular disease in the lower extremities. If you are not aware of that, and ii' yon do not case of hydrocephalus, you may bo certain of recovery: while.

A girl swore that she became pregnant by a respectable solicitor, who was with her m a cab, and gave her some"scent" which made her insensible, by passing a handkerchief across her face; and that connexion occurred during insensibility (counter). No iron murcia was present in it, but it contained sulphur in considerable amounts.

In others the seats were placed over a long iron trough through which a constant stream of water carried all deposited matters immediately to the sewers (take). Lyme disease (also called Lyme you borreliosis or erythema migrans) was within the B.