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Pour this over the potatoes, and strew over all a small quantity of any of the following: powdered sweet herbs, it mint, parsley, chervil, tarragon or capers, or a combination of them all, finely minced. Caille then passed in review a large number of there works on Practice and on the Diseases of Children, showing that most of the authors scarcely alluded at all to the subject of prophylaxis in connection with diphtheria, while many of the others dismissed it with a few lines.

In the prescription rabbit just mentioned, however, there was nothing wTong but accelerated respiration; it took food the same day,;md moved freely about. We solicit intelligent and interested criticism from our readers, in whose behalf the work is done, and invite their attention to the current volume, opening with this issue, as worthy of their sustained over interest and increasing confidence.

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Sutherland, whom he had "available" consulted about the Hospitals at Scutari and other places, was stUl advising the War Office.