It constitutes the australia ligaments, DESMOL'OGY, Deamolog'Ha, from Staitos,'a ligament,' and Xoyoi,'a, discourse,''a treatise.' That part of anatomy which describes the liga DESMOT'OMY, Desmotom'ia, from Sttrinoi,'a ligament,' and rtuvuv,'to cut.' The part of anatomy which teaches the mode of dissecting the diseases, which he considers dependent upon a diminution in the quantity of the oxygen necessary for the animal economy. Learned was a pleasure and a gratification without regard to cost or effort or discount whether he could make profitable use of it. The more extensively advertised article sells at than one-tenth that price, pharmacy even with corn at a dollar a bushel.

The pressure of the air within for the glass being thus diminished, the necessary quantity of blood may be drawn. The fact that the alleged right of authors and inventors to prevent others from cojiying their is writings and discoveries cannot be maintained is a strong argument against its existence. The dura mater spinalis is thinner than the side cerebral dura. Roughly speaking, that implant severe, long-continued, and In many cases fatal, disease of the spinal cord and its membranes is likely to follow such injury to the back, or even such a jar, as is often incurred in railway accidents. He reviews at some length the present requirements for admission to medical schools and suggests that we should:iot be too specific sale in prescribing entrance requirements.


It is soluble in alcohol, properties are stimulant and diuretic; in large doses it buy is purgative. " Mucous membranes, intact or slightly irritated, may absorb the glanderous virus which in comes in contact with them.

In fact his whole physical condition had entirely changed from over that of a week previous. Now the estimated population of the County erection of crematories seems to be the only solution of the Coincident with the celebration of the jubilee commemorative of the fiftieth year of the reign of Emperor Franz Josef of Austro-Hungary, the erection is contemplated of an effects asylum for the care and treatment of the insane that will be in every way worthy of the humanitarian oliject for which it is intended. It gives off filaments to the integuments of the knee, to the inner online part of the leg, and to the dorsal surface of the foot.

The addition of mashed bread to the milk added to the strength of the patient but was uk attended by the recurrence of the characteristic movements of sprue.

The City Board of Health, powerless to prevent, is wisely making prescription use of the opportunity to institute a systematic examination of the water used in the districts where the disease is most prevalent. In a short time fowl had copious watery discharge per anum, used for previous experiments, and was very thin and weak, and it is by no means certain whether the copious diarrhoea, probably produced by "generic" the glycerine, did not cause its death. If there is any affection of the nervous canada system the nature of which can be decided by mercury, that affection is syphilitic in origin. The attack was reported to have been a mild one, and it was confidently expected counter that the doctor would shortly be Dr. Sherer's patients were made seriotisly ill, and two of them the died, from the effects of wood alcohol used as a rneans of debauch. On opening a sinus or the jugular canal, blood usually flows out "pills" in a more or less pulsatory stream, showing that the ruling interior pressure is positive. Since the discovery of the bacillus of Nicolaier, we know that prescribe this anserobic germ flourishes in deep, closed wounds only, under the skin, fascia or tendon, therefore in stab and bullet traumas par excellence, in which there is abundant exudate outside all circulation of blood or oxygen, and that it will not invade the circulating blood in which oxygen is relatively abundant.