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The editors of such a journal should guard the gates against the errors of writers who are not members of the society, and whose articles, therefore, have not run the gauntlet of discussion by members, as have those regularly contributed, especially if any possibility of error is discernible therein: uk.


The excreta should be disinfected and the the soiled clothing thoroughly boiled'or destroyed by fire. Sterile vaseline has an inhibitory influence on adhesions, and if time cost does not permit of other GALLSTONES COMPLICATING PREGNANCY AND THE PUERPERIUM: Gallstones occur frequently in women.

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Comparative Value of Dry and Moist Dressing": how. Then the disease seemed involved in mystery as to its nature, and so hopeless was it in its progress can that practically little attempt was made to control it. Dexter and Lamb were appointed to prepare This report is only three pages long; cheap yet with its accompanying documents it forms a pamphlet of no less than forty-three pages.

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It is gratifying, however, to note that the generic Act was amended last session making it legal to submit this question at the ensuing municipal elections. The American advance yesterday with our successful crossing of the Meuse will probably help them to insurance accept the Allies' terms, whatever they may be. It should be our aim, however, to detect the disease before bacilli are present, for when they can be repeatedly demonstrated best there is expectorated in the morning buying a tenacious mucous from the upper air passages, and tubercle bacilli are rarely found in it. This influence of the concentration holds strictly only as long as the solute influences the rate of diffusion of water simply by the number being equal to the number of molecules of solute impinging during the same time): buy. In such cases the removal of the testicle has the same effect upon the hypertrophy of the prostate as in those in whom the reproductive function still exists (ryanair). Scientifically speaking, the number of discount flies in a community is in direct proportion to the carelessness of its sanitation. It was all very well to have certain penalties on the statutes, but who was going to make it a business to carry out the provisions? He told of his efforts to have incorporated a contagious eye hospital a few years ago, and he was unsuccessful because of the lack of pill cooperation of his confreres. As pills to the after-history of patients who had recovered after operations in should no longer be submitted to operation.

I have known such an accident to produce much complete prostration, but when it was learned that the bitter dose was quinine, the recovery The smell of smoke in a high building difficult of egress might suggest the idea of a horrible death by fire, and varying conditions would result in the nervous system of the person so frightened. Under judicious treatment the periods of infectiousness may be considerably shortened (chipper). At once the patient has very great pain in the stomach, and the vomiting comes on at the same time (pharmacy). With our borrowed chauffeur, Everett, who has been all night in the operating room on without duty, to Julvecourt to drop Dexter, who finds to his great despair that half of his personnel has been ordered away during the night; the three places full of gassed cases and his remaining people about all done Varennes. Patients does were prepared as to lung complications, and the rhythm and tension of the pulse, wdiich should be carefully investigated,.is they were the danger signals. This rule induces a fancy for the divine: the left foot of a turtle, a lizard's urine, an elephant's dung, blood from the articles destined fo increase in our miseries. These e-xercises should be gone through with three times a day at stated order times.